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Real Estate Agent
The Real Estate Industry Has Changed! New guidelines, laws, covenants, and stricter policies have created a more challenging labyrinth that requires a clear and knowledgeable expert to navigate from start to finish. It is a proven fact that Real Estate remains the best investment towards your future financial security. Whether you are buying, selling, downsizing, dreaming, building, or investing, Real Estate still holds the best potential for growth and appreciation. Even in slow periods, the future potential can be far above expectations with time. Especially if you are lead in the right direction!

As the Washington DC suburbs expand with new city centers, commuter highways, mass transit expansion, and incredible amenities, the time is right for you to “make a move”! This is why you need a knowledgeable expert. A true Real Estate Professional, educated each and every year to know the current as well as future trends, laws, proposed urban plans, ventures, revised contracts, forecasted commuter routes, most successful communities, best locations, and the latest in “new” lifestyle living. This is why you need Andre Amini, a True Real Estate Professional at TTR Sotheby’s International Realty.

Andre Amini is a true Real Estate professional and an expert in this complex field. He is energetic, passionate, and educated, allowing him to fulfill each project with integrity and honesty. He offers twenty-five years’ experience in the industry making him a very successful and well-respected colleague in the Northern Virginia suburbs. He is a hard-working family man who does absolutely everything within his god-given power to ensure his clients’ success and happiness. He has worked every aspect of the industry representing buyers, sellers, and investors in both residential and commercial markets. Andre uses his expertise, experience, and foresight to proactively address every aspect of the legal transaction. He resides in McLean with his wife and two stepdaughters with a deep devotion to God.

It is with this strength, devotion, and attitude that Andre cannot wait to say to you…“Signed, Sealed, and Delivered”.

Andre Amini

  • Real Estate Professional
6723 Whittier Ave
Suite 101, McLean, Virginia, 22101 United States